Run on both Superethanol E85 biofuel and Super Unleaded 95/98

E85 ethanol kit: ParadigmE85 flexfuel unit

fully automatic

Installs on the injectors

No connection to the lambda probe.

  • For engines with complicated access to injectors

We offer “fast specific E85 boxes”

Considerable time saving if your engine is provided with it because the harness is connected to the general socket which connects all the injectors, this offers the advantage of a quick, simple and discreet installation

Connects in minutes
Video explanation - How our Starflex ethanol units work - Injection corrections - Exhaust regulator probe (lambda probe) - How the engine adjusts its air/fuel mixture according to the different proportions of E85 or Super sans lead present in the tank
How our Starflex ethanol canisters work

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30 days money back

E85 box and harness guaranteed for 5 years

Click here to access the E85 box corresponding to your engine

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