E85 ethanol kit: Fully automatic ParadigmE85 flexfuel unit. It is installed on the injectors. No connection to the lambda probe.

E85 PARADIGME85 ethanol tank
Ethanol Paradigme85 flexfuel Starflex model

Our E85 ethanol unit adapts your engine to also run on E85 biofuel, also called Superethanol.

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The advantage of our ethanol box is that it allows you to completely forget about the super unleaded 95/98 if you wish and without the fault indicator light on the dashboard.

Comment fonctionnent nos boitiers Starflex ?  Comment le moteur détecte et ajuste son injection en fonction de la quantité d’éthanol? Pourquoi le capteur éthanol est inutile ? Regardez cette vidéo explicative

Watch this video on YouTube.

In most cases we send you the bioethanol kit fully ready to be installed, with the injector connectors corresponding to those of your engine, the connectors are plugged in so that you do not have to look for the polarity (except in certain cases where it may vary for the same model), and the ethanol unit will be preset for your engine, which will greatly simplify the assembly since you will only have to plug it in and drive it.

Click here to access the E85 box corresponding to your engine

For some engines, we have designed specific bioethanol kits for quick and easy installation because the connection is made to the general socket connecting all the injectors as in the image below, so you save a lot of time during assembly and discretion. unparalleled installation.

Connects in minutes
This installation technique allows simple, quick assembly or disassembly without any real need for mechanical knowledge.

How do our E85 boxes work?

Notre kit ethanol s’installe sur les injecteurs ce qui va dériver le signal du calculateur envoyé aux injecteurs au kit éthanol qui va le renvoyer instantanément modifié, ainsi le calculateur ecu n’ayant pas connaissance de la présence du kit éthanol, va prendre en compte cette modification et adapter en conséquence ses corrections d’injection appelées également “fuel trim”. Cette modification va permettre à votre calculateur de ne pas atteindre sa tolérence maxi qui provoque habituellement l’éclairage du voyant panne moteur au tableau de bord  causé par un mélange air/carburant trop pauvre. Il faut savoir que votre calculateur est prévu pour modifier en continu ses corrections d’injection en les augmentant ou diminuant suivant:

  • fuel quality 
  • The density of the air which varies according to the altitude and the temperature
  • The state of wear of certain engine parts such as the air filter, fuel pump flow, injectors and others

But its correction capacities are not sufficient to support E85 superethanol, for this reason the installation of our E85 box will allow your engine to never be too lean on ethanol and too rich on unleaded, like us. let's explain it in the video above.

Click here to access the E85 box corresponding to your engine


Beware of influencers on youtube and others who want you to believe that an ethanol sensor is essential for proper operation, this is wrong and we explain it very well in the video above. It is often to promote a product, and as proof, these boxes with E85 sensors do not even represent 0.01% of converted vehicles and for as much you are millions to circulate with E85 boxes or reprogrammed ECU without ethanol sensor and it works very good since it's useless. They claim that the lambda probe does not transcribe a coherent ratio while they will use the information from this lambda probe to make a good adjustment of their housing with bioethanol sensor. On the other hand, with or without an ethanol sensor, it is necessary to avoid boxes that do not offer adjustment possibilities because, depending on the flow capacities of the injectors and depending on the engine models, the setting of the box may be different.

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