Starflex 4-cylinder flexfuel biofuel ethanol kit


For 4 cylinder engines

  • Complete kit (box + harness)
  • Injector connectors
  • Prepared and sent within 24 hours.
  • 15 days money back guarantee
  • Kit guaranteed 5 years
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The flexfuel biofuel ethanol kit for 4-cylinder Starflex engines includes everything you need to adapt your engine:

- Electric case
- Electrical harness for 4-cylinder engine
- 4 male connectors
- 4 female connectors
- Hose clamps

How the Starflex box works:

Automatic operation: The electronic computer of your car has the possibility of decreasing or increasing the injection times sent to the injectors but with a maximum and minimum tolerance which are suitable for operation with unleaded super.

The problem is that if we put ethanol without a casing, the lambda probe will indicate to the electronic computer that the air / petrol mixture that comes out of the exhaust is too lean, the computer will increase its injection times but it will reach quickly its maximum tolerance and will eventually go into degraded mode and turn on the “fault fault” indicator on the dashboard because of a too lean mixture.

Our ethanol box will provide additional injection time to the injectors which will allow the electronic computer of your engine to correctly correct its injection without ever reaching its maximum tolerance for which it has been programmed, this will allow it to function as usual .

And conversely if we give back unleaded super, for example by increasing the injection time of 15% via the ethanol box and the lambda probe will indicate to the computer a rich mixture and the latter will reduce its injection times by 15% compared to its usual lead-free operation without reaching its minimum tolerance and can therefore compensate for the enrichment of the ethanol unit in order to provide an optimal mixture (ratio).

In this way, your engine will function optimally, regardless of the ethanol and / or lead-free mixture present in the tank.

Info: It is your exhaust regulating probe (lambda probe) which regulates the carburetion thanks to an oscillation which allows the engine ECU to know if what comes out of the exhaust is too rich or poor and will correct its times of injection accordingly.

Cold start: a temperature probe is integrated into the box, and according to a set of parameters (outside temperature, last start, last operating time, etc.) the box will modify the choke accordingly.


The advantages of the flexfuel biofuel ethanol kit for 4-cylinder Starflex engines

First of all, this box has proven itself for over 5 years (satisfaction survey)

Very good start in winter temperatures thanks to its integrated temperature sensor

Easy to install

Protected harness wires to connectors

Circuit board protected from impact and humidity thanks to an insulating resin

No illuminated fault indicator on the dashboard

Optimal operation up to 10500 rpm

Interchangeable beam

It is no longer necessary to put on unleaded Super, even at low temperatures in winter.

Once installed, you can directly fill up with E85 without going through several stages (25% the first, then 50% the second, etc…)

A potentiometer inside the housing allows precise adjustment according to the type of motor.

Made in France


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Starflex 4-cylinder flexfuel biofuel ethanol kit

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