Coolant temperature corrector for PSA engines from 2002 to 2009


Engine temperature corrector for PSA engines from 2002 to 2009. Improves cold starts. Automatically stops the modification made from 20°.

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Coolant temperature corrector up to 20°C.

Suitable for PSA engines from 2002 to 2009.

Please check if your connector matches the one in this picture.

This polarizer will improve cold starting at temperatures below 20°C, past this temperature the polarizer will cease its modification automatically in order to return the actual temperature sent by the engine temperature sensor.

Installation is very simple, just disconnect the temperature sensor connector and connect the male and female socket of the polarizer to the temperature sensor and to the engine harness connector that you disconnected.

Fix the error-proofing sensor on the heating hose starting from the calorstat at the engine outlet.

In any case, you must check if the connector shown in our photo is the same as that of your engine.

The engine temperature sensor is located at the engine outlet (driver's side) at the level of the calorstat before the engine hose going to the radiator.

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