E85 unit mg vehicle ethanol kit

We offer you the most advanced range of ethanol boxes on the market for your MG engine.

An unrivaled Quality / Price / Technical Assistance report is reserved for our customers.

Our advantage: in addition to being a manufacturer, we have also installed our kits at your home since 2011 in no less than 8 departments from Montpellier to Monaco (site www.posekitethanol.com ) which allowed us to acquire considerable experience on the subtleties of each motorization, and consequently to clearly improve the quality and the functioning of our boxes.

Of course we exchange our experiences with our network of approved installers who will be able to provide you with quality fitting and adjustment.

Finally, once installed, you will be able to run both Super unleaded and Bioethanol E85, whatever the mixture your engine will be adapted and you will not feel any difference. You will gradually forget the fears that you may have read or heard. After 15 days you will have forgotten that you are driving Superethanol, except that you will have a smile while refueling and the personal satisfaction of making a gesture for the environment.

E85 kit ethanol kit for MG engines

Our ethanol kits are prepared and preset for your engine

5 year warranty

15 days money back guarantee

Find the description of our different boxes by clicking on the model corresponding to your engine

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