Assembly diagrams of our E85 bio ethanol kits


“Specific quick connection” box

Only available for certain engines allowing connection to the general connector of the injectors.

Unique in the field, we offer specific harnesses for certain engines whose injectors are difficult to access. They plug into a general outlet connecting all the injectors which allows installation in minutes rather than many hours. On certain engines this allows discreet mounting rather than seeing bulky connectors as soon as the hood is opened.

The installation of the box is done quickly thanks to our male and female pins which plug directly into the general connector of the injector harness, so you will only have one connector to disconnect on your engine.
Indeed this type of connection allows:

  1. Quick, clean and discreet installation
  2. Mounts and disassembles in minutes
  3. Identical operation
  4. A considerable saving in labor


Starflex enclosures


Here are the installation instructions for our E85 Starflex ethanol kits


The connectors: presents the widest range of electric harnesses on the net.

There are several kinds of injector connectors, our boxes are sent to you with male and female connectors which correspond to your engine according to your ordered reference.

You can also order your kit by choosing the connectors. Our entire range is not offered for this type of order.

Here are the connectors we offer. (EV1, EV6, Denso, Toyota, Honda, Delphi) if you choose to order your ethanol kit by connectors rather than by brand.


E85 bio ethanol kits


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